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OPQ is the cloud-based internet-of-things operating system that powers Phu Quoc Smart City. Try our platform to discover OPQ’s potential

Small Island, Big Insights

The OPQ Platform enables the design, development, deployment & operation of next-generation IoT, mobile, and big data applications that apply machine learning to recommend actions based on real-time analysis of big data sets, enterprise & 3rd party data sources, & telemetry data from IoT devices. 

Together with our partner ecosystem OPQ deploys digital products that support Phu Quoc’s goals around tourism, energy efficiency, air quality, intelligent transportation, public safety, public health, and other programs focused on transforming the island into Asia’s top smart city.

Phu Quoc Smart City
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Integrated Cloud Platform

Phu Quoc’s digital and data-driven transformation allows more meaningful and personal engagements with visitors, fuels application development, and informs partners by gathering insights to better serve customers the way they want to be served, with precision and close attention to their specific needs. In a short time, OPQ has made tremendous progress.  While we continue to make the necessary investments in digital transformation, we do so with the customer at the center.


IoT devices installed around the island district monitor traffic, water sources, and air quality. The monitoring system will collect, process, analyze and deliver real-time data to alert users and provide recommendations on how to respond.

Status: Deployed


OPQ turns vehicles into Wi-Fi hotspots and builds city-scale vehicular networks that expand wireless coverage and collect terabytes of urban data.  Hardware, software, and cloud components are running OPQ’s network of connected vehicles, including taxis, waste collection trucks, and ferry’s

Status: Transistion


OPQ’s SaaS Platform vertically integrates the islands government services and local businesses under one IoT enabled cloud platform. It gives citizens and visitors a real-time view about what’s happening on the island, allows businesses to setup virtual storefronts, provides real time feedback on alerts, weather, events, and more.

Status: Deployed


OPQ’s PQGuide provides a high quality travel & tourism guide for those either planning a vacation to Phu Quoc or those who have already arrived.  Users can discover all the things to see and do, where to eat, and more. 

Status: Deployed


OPQ iLumen is a lighting management system for public lighting. It offers simple web applications to analyze, plan, and maintain workflow management. iLumen allows Phu Quoc to monitor how much energy street lights are using and which ones need repair.

Status: Transistion

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As we take steps to fully integrate numerous platforms over the coming months, this site will expand to become the future digital home of Phu Quoc.